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2 seasons - 20 x 45 minutes

Production years 2017, 2019

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Programme Overview

Runaway is a gripping drama series inspired by modern events that tells the tragic yet hopeful story of Fanny, a young girl from a good suburban home whose life spirals out of control when she falls for a manipulative and abusive man. Sadly too familiar, Runaway recounts every parent’s worst nightmare, where one bad decision leads to a horrifying ordeal.

Over the course of ten one-hour episodes, Runaway brings this harrowing tale to life through the various characters’ perspectives, all closely intertwined. We follow Fanny’s journey as she grows increasingly bored of her comfortable suburban existence, craving maturity, independence and adventure. One fateful day, she’s introduced to Damien, an aspiring musician who lures her into what promises to be a highly toxic lifestyle.   

After their idyllic ‘honeymoon’ period, Damien begins to show his true colours, introducing Fanny to the allure of big-city nightlife and an older crowd of shady friends. He manipulates her into leaving her family and her home, isolating her from everyone she knows. Then, under the guise of trying to build their future together, Damien drags Fanny deeper into the darkness, convincing her to work as a stripper, then an escort and finally, a prostitute. Fanny gradually loses her will and control. 

 As this compelling story unfolds, we bear brutal witness to Fanny’s decisions and Damien’s growing influence over her but also to the lives of the collateral victims: her family and close circle of friends. We feel their shock and helplessness as they desperately try to save Fanny from an inevitably tragic ending.

 Runaway is a series filled with gritty drama, complex characters and hard-hitting lessons about trying to survive. It’s also a celebration of the inner strength that lies deep within us all, waiting to be called upon so we can finally face our demons… or die trying.

Programme Info

Scripted - Drama

Number of seasons
2 seasons (20 episodes)

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Ludivine Reding, Lynda Johnson, Claude Legault, Danielle Proulx, Jean-François Ruel

Michelle Allen

Éric Tessier

Louis Bolduc

Executive Producers
François Rozon & Vincent Gagné


Production Years
2017, 2019

Original time slot
Mondays 9 pm

Production Company
Encore Television Inc.

Prizes & Nominations

19 nominations
7 awards

Gémeaux 2018
Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, Best Casting

Seoul Drama Festival
Nominated Best Actress and Best Mini-Series

Gala ARTIS 2018
Best Actress in a Drama Series

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