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Une affaire criminelle

2 seasons - 16 x 45 minutes

Production years 2021, 2023

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Trailer S1

Trailer S2

Programme Overview

In Season 1, a mother, Catherine, tries her best to exoneration her son, incarcerated for a murder he claims not to have committed. Meanwhile, Benoît, a detective in the Major Crimes Unit, who has always been in love with Catherine, seems to be protecting someone close to him who was involved in the whole affair.

In Season 2, the lives of two Montreal detectives, Laurence and Geneviève, are turned upside down during a police operation. Laurence shoots a witness who had just offered an important revelation about the disappearance of his father, an ex-detective. The Independent Investigations Bureau is called in to determine whether the young officer committed murder or acted in legitimate self-defence.

Programme Info

Scripted - Drama

Number of seasons
2 seasons (16 episodes)

Scripted - Drama

Season 1
Céline Bonnier
Louis-Philippe Dandenault
Maxime-Olivier Potvin

Season 2
Alice Moreault
Julie Le Breton
Pierre-Yves Cardinal
Normand Daneau

Written by
Joanne Arseneau

Directed by
Stéphane Lapointe (Season 1)
Pascal L'Heureux (Season 2)

Produced by
Sophie Deschênes


Production Years
2021, 2023

Production Company

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