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5 seasons - 59 x 22 minutes, 1 x 44 minutes

Production years 2014-19

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Programme Overview

The Boomerang Effect: Adults Moving Back in with their Parents.

Karine and Patrick, a loving, debt-ridden couple, has lost their dream of having their own restaurant, forcing them to swallow their pride and accept to sleep in Karine’s parents’ basement until they are on their feet again.“ But we’ll be out of here soon!” they optimistically declare …Yeah, sure they will……

Our heroes just can’t admit that their shortcomings may have contributed to the failure of their restaurant – because that would be a tragedy – if it weren’t a  situational comedy!

What if your charming daughter is in love with an affectionate yet slovenly guy, who has some issues with you, your very organized wife, and your other son-in-law -who is admittedly an asshole – but at least he’s rich and not living with you! Now you’re back to parenting instead of enjoying retirement.

Boomerang is a romantic comedy based on an increasingly prevalent phenomenon everywhere in the world, as adults move back in with their parents, either to help them in their golden years, to offset financial stress or because of one of life’s setbacks.

Programme Info

Scripted - Comedy

Number of seasons
5 seasons (60 episodes)

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Catherine-Anne Toupin
Antoine Bertrand
Marc Messier
Marie-Thérèse Fortin
Magalie Lépine-Blondeau
Fabien Cloutier
Émile Proulx-Cloutier

Charles-Olivier Michaud

Executive Producers
François Rozon & Vincent Gagné

Additional information
5th season confirmed


Production Years

Original time slot
Mondays 7:30 pm

Production company
Encore Télévision Inc.

Prizes & Nominations

52 nominations
9 awards

Banff World Media Festival 2019
Rockies Francophone Prize

Gala de l’ADISQ 2018
Nominated Comedy of the year

Gémeaux 2018
Best Actor in a comedy

Gala ARTIS 2018
Nominated Best Actor and Best Actress in a comedy

Banff World Media Festival 2017
Nominated Best Comedy series – Foreign language

Gémeaux 2017
Best Actor, Best supporting Actor in a comedy

Gala Les Olivier 2017
Nominated Comedy of the year

Gémeaux 2016
Best Actress, Best Actor in a comedy

Galas ARTIS 2017
Best Actor & Actress in a comedy series

Larochelle Fiction Festival 2016
Official Selection

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