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1 season - 13 x 22 minutes

Production years 2019

Programme Overview

The documentary series “Distortion” explores the strangest stories of the digital age through the eyes of Emilie Gauthier and Sébastien Lévesque, two people passionate about all things web and technology. From the dark web and conspiracy theories to the paranormal and even urban legends, the pair scrutinizes the deepest depths of the Internet to uncover the most unusual cases. They then set out to investigate these stories and meet with the people involved.

From earbuds to the small screen, “Distortion” is the TV adaptation of the popular podcast of the same name (distorsionpodcast.com) hosted by Émile Gauthier and Sébastien Lévesque. With more than a million downloads to date, “Distortion” has also been published in book form by “Les Édition de l’Homme”.

Programme Info


Number of seasons
1 season (13 episodes)

Duration of episodes
22 minutes

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Original idea
Émile Gauthier
Sébastien Lévesque

Director and writer
Jessica Gélinas

Executive producers
Valérie Beaulieu
Christine Simard


Production Years

Production Company
Trinôme & Filles

Show Photography

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