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1 season - 48 x 22 minutes

Production years 2023

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Programme Overview

Housed in an old cedar-shingle, a museum was founded by Captain Goulache, a passionate explorer of marine wildlife, archeology and paleontology. As soon as he sees that the house is full of fossils and animal skeletons, the impulsive Olivier is thrilled! He grabs a skull, makes it talk, puts his finger on the jaw and lets out a laugh! The talkative Emma won’t stop complaning. She refuses to spend time in a haunted house that smells like death! As for Fabio, the logical one, he is fascinated by what’s around him and convinced that they aren’t real bones! Even in their wildest dreams, Oli, Fabio and Emma couldn’t have imagined what was about  to happen to them as Rachel (16 years old), the museum guide, lead them into a room named Drazilion

Programme Info

Scripted - Kids (8- 10)

Number of seasons
1 season (48 episodes)

Emma Lafrenière
Simon Larouche
Léo Mai
Émile Ouellette
Éliot Perron
Sally Sakho
Gabrielle B. Thuot
Millie-Jeanne Drouin

With the participation of
Normand Brathwaite
in the role of Goulache

Original Idea
Marie-Philippe Châtillon

Simon Barrette

Zita Lawson
Patrick Lowe


Production Years

Production Company
Encore Télévision

Complete Episodes

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