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Pour toujours plus un jour

2 seasons - 14 x 22 minutes, 13 x 22 minutes

Production years 2019, 2021

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Programme Overview

Chuck is dying. The rare disease that afflicts him since childhood has progressed. It’s the beginning of the end for him, but it’s also far from over. After the diagnosis, Delphine and Chuck have made a big decision: they’re going to make the most of the time they have left together by doing absolutely anything and everything they want without ever stopping to think about the consequences. In this realistic dramedy, we follow the trials and tribulations of Chuck and Delphine, 24, who decide overnight to transform their everyday lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Over the course of the episodes, they will take drastic steps to make their dreams come true, even if the dreams are far-fetched and the steps shaky at best. FOREVER AND A DAY is a wild and touching countdown ride to Chuck’s fateful demise.

Programme Info

Scripted - Teens

Number of seasons
2 seasons (27 episodes)

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Guillaume Girard
Kristine Metz

Marie-Claude Blouin

Vicky Bounadière

Pier-Luc Funk
Catherine Brunet
Rémi Goulet
Victoria Diamond
Isabelle Brouillette
Karl-Antoine Suprice


Production Years
2019, 2021

Production Company
Passez Go

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