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4 seasons - 47 x 22 minutes

Production years 2018, 2022

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Programme Overview

Welcome to the tragically hilarious world of Leo, an eternal teenager who is about to take the meaning of midlife crisis to a whole new level as he sets out on a mission to grow up and get a life!

It all starts when Leo, born and raised in a small rural town, travels to the big city with his best pal, Chabot, to visit his cousin. The pair decides to stop for a beer in a local bar. As Chabot sits there listening to Leo complain and feel sorry for himself, he realizes it’s time for him to find a real job, meet a good woman and start a family. It’s time for him to grow up!

Over the course of the next year, Chabot does just that. When the date for Leo and Chabot’s annual fishing trip rolls around, Leo quickly finds out that his former partner-in-crime’s priorities have changed: settled down and happy with his wife and kids, the days of boys’ trips and debauchery are over. This turn of events becomes the trigger for Leo to transform his life. He’d always been a smart and charming guy, but he’d also been avoiding growing up for the past 40 years! After getting advice from local hairdresser-slash-life guru-slash-mayor Jessica, Leo finally wakes up!

Filled with twists and turns, entertaining characters, lots of laughs and plenty of life lessons along the way, this offbeat, hilarious and heartwarming series shows that sometimes it takes a midlife crisis to make you realize what life’s all about!

Programme Info

Scripted - Comedy

Number of seasons
4 seasons (47 episodes)

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Fabien Cloutier
Steve Laplante
Marie-Laurence Moreau
Julien Poulin
Anne Dorval
Marc Labrèche
Fabien Cloutier
Steve Laplante
Érika Soucy
Claude Lalonde

Jean-François Chagnon

Jaime Alberto Tobon

Executive Producers

François Rozon
Vincent Gagné


Production Years
2018, 2022

Production Company
Encore Television Inc.

Prizes & Nominations

Gémeaux 2019
Best leading actor – Comedy
Best supporting actress – Comedy
Nominated Best Comedy

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