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Les bogues de la vie

1 season - 10 x 22 minutes

Production years 2018

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Programme Overview

Life Bugs is a 10 x 30-minute romantic comedy series. The story follows the hectic life and adventures of Eliott Brault, a 30-something video game programmer who has his very first game hacked just days before its official launch.


From that moment on, Eliott and his best friend Martin Chagnon embark on a race against time to figure out who’s behind the hacking, while doing everything they can to stop their business from going bankrupt!


Amidst all the action, Life Bugs is also a love story. Eliott falls hard for Jeanne Champagne, a young lawyer in the midst of recovering from a painful breakup. And Jeanne, in turn, falls for Eliott, a young computer geek who comes from a completely different world. Impressed by Eliott’s talent and ambition in business, Jeanne begins to question her own professional choices. But she’s someone who finds it hard to let go and venture into the unknown.


Life Bugs is the unique and unmissable story of a 30-something’s quest for happiness, giving audiences a whole new perspective on love in the 21stcentury.

Programme Info

Scripted - Comedy

Number of seasons
1 season (10 episodes)

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Charles-Alexandre Dubé
Charlotte Aubin
Jean-Carl Boucher
François Bernier
Lamia Benhacine
Anthony Kavanagh
Marie-Soleil Dion
Fred-Éric Salvail
Noémie Yelle

Michel Brouillette
Stéphanie Perreault

Louis Bolduc

Louis Bolduc

Jaime Alberto Tobon

Executive Producers

François Rozon

Vincent Gagné


Production Years

Production Company
Encore Television Inc.

Show Photography

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