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Comme des poules pas de tête

1 season - 40 x 22 minutes

Production years 2022

Programme Overview

Like a chickenless head! is a comedy that tells the story of the Babin-Bibeaus, a family of five living in a small house in the suburbs where everything that can potentially happen… will happen! It’s not that they are particularly unlucky, these Babin-Bibeaus…but they have this gift…how do you say…this talent of making everyday life as surprising as a F-18 flying through the living room without honking in warning.

Humour and comical adventures will colour the story of the Babin-Bibeau family composed of a cool musician dad, a mom who dreams of becoming a construction renovator and their three kids: Victoria, the drama-queen extrovert who craves attention, her kid brother Felix, a video genius who hates attracting attention and Flavie, the impulsive one with a big heart!

Programme Info

Scripted - Kids (9-12)

Number of seasons
1 season (40 episodes)

Scripted – Kids

David Savard
Mélanie Pilon
Élia St-Pierre
Tristan Clouâtre
Estelle Fournier
Felix-Antoine Bénard
Devi Julia Pelletier
Samara Healey
Matai Stevens
Adam Moussamih
Emma Bao Linh Tourné

Original Idea
Pierre-Yves Bernard

Pierre-Yves Bernard
Maryse Joncas

Pierre Théorêt

Lucie Veillet
Martine Quinty

Executive Producer
Claude Veillet


Production Years

Production Company

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