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Les mutants

2 seasons - 50 x 30 minutes, 45 x 30 minutes

Production years 2019, 2021

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Programme Overview

In Notre-Dame-du-Lointain, a village far from major urban centers, three young people make a strange discovery ! In an abandoned barn, a family of mutants are hiding: human-like beings, but struggling with horrible animal growths. Leo, Zoe and Marcus finally understand that these people are actually members of a local family, who had mysteriously gone missing a year earlier. But what happened to them ? Why have they transformed ? These questions are on the trio’s mind when they befriend Nicky, the girl of their age that has become a mutant. Determined to do everything in their power to keep the mutants’ secret intact, they will try to unravel the mystery of their transformation. A thrilling story, full of strong emotions, that will captivate viewers and whose humor will give them the courage to dare to discover more …

Programme Info

Scripted - Kids (8- 10)

Number of seasons
2 seasons (95 episodes)

Rémy Girard
Mathéo Piccinin-Savard
Vivi-Anne Riel
Jade Brind’amour
Aurélia Arandi-Longpré
Salomé Corbo

Original Idea and Writers
Annie Langlois
Maryse Joncas

François Bégin

Lucie Veillet
Martine Quinty

Executive Producer
Claude Veillet


Production Years
2019, 2021

Production Company

Complete Episodes

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