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Les cavaliers

1 season - 13 x 30 minutes

Production years 2022

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Programme Overview

“The Cavaliers” is the story of 14-year-old Charlie, an avid horseback rider and her trusty equine companion Orion. After a serious accident, the partners are forced to become reacquainted with each other. Throughout her journey, Charlie encounters challenges with her riding comrades – competitiveness, squabbles, all with a daily dose of courage and forgiveness. Luckily, a mysterious trainer with unconventional methods steps in to help them along their roller coaster ride. The riders must call on their inner strength to overcome fear, open up to others and ultimately trust each other. After a turbulent summer, will Charlie manage to get back on the horse, back on Orion, in time for the championship?

“The Cavaliers” is a heart-wrenching love story between a rider and her horse – a tale of friendship, betrayal and secrets, but, above all, a story about courage.

Programme Info

Scripted - Kids (9-12)

Number of seasons
1 season (13 episodes)

Scripted Drama

Rosalie Pépin
Sandrine Carneiro
Sarah-Anne Parent

Written by
Stéphanie Lapointe

Directed by
Sarah Pellerin

Produced by
Frédérique St-Pierre
Julie Lavallée
Carlos Soldevila


Production Years

Production Company
Trio Orange

Complete Episodes

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