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2 seasons - 17 x 45 minutes

Production years 2023

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Programme Overview

Season 1 – In 2005, after a boozy office party, Christian takes Manuela home and the end of the evening gets out of hand. Yet they continue to work together. Christian helps Manuela climb the ladder and makes her his partner. In 2015, a woman denounces Christian to the police: she claims to be a rape victim. Christian is a father, a loving husband, the company idolizes him, his inner circle benefits from his largesse and a culture of silence holds sway. What spark will give Manuela the strength to relive her trauma and speak for all those who couldn’t? How much longer will Emperor Christian’s domination and reign of terror last?

Season 2 – After Season 1’s shocking finale, viewers will reunite with Manuela during the trial that pits her against Christian, who proves to be hostile and confrontational. Overwhelmed by the events that occurred during her birthday party the previous year, will Rosie decide to speak up? What she might reveal has the potential to disrupt the lives of her parents, Audrey and Steve. Even as his allies desert him increasingly, Christian remains convinced that he can regain control of his agency and his life. That is until Olivia, determined to protect her children, delivers a fatal blow. Even Allisson proves willing to do whatever it takes. Christian will have to fight to escape what awaits him.

Programme Info


Number of seasons
2 seasons (17 episodes)

Jean-Philippe Perras
Noé Lira
Macha Grenon
Madeleine Péloquin
David Boutin
Jean-François Nadeau
Geneviève Boivin-Roussy
Charlotte Aubin
Joanie Guérin
Naila Louidort

Original Idea and Writer
Michelle Allen

Adam Kosh

Sophie Deschênes


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